NWB Ranch Products

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All our beef is grass fed and born & raised here on the farm. The seafood is selected from like minded fishermen that take pride in the quality of their product. Including the young and passionate Fraser MacDonald who purchased our boat the Triple M II.

Grass Fed Beef- Mixed Cuts   Available


Stew   $7.49/lb
Steaks (various cuts)   $15.49-19.99/lb
Roasts (various cuts)   $9.99-10.99/lb
Cross Ribs   $14.99/lb
Albacore Tuna Loins   $17.49/lb
Canned Albacore (160 gm)   Available
1 can   $6.99
12 cans – $6.50/can   $78.00
24 case – $6.25/can   $150.00
Smoked White Sturgeon Lox   $8.60/100 gm
Lingcod Fillets    $12.75/lb
Grey Cod Fillets   $12.75/lb